The state of the atmospheric air at a specified pressure is completely specified by two independent intensive properties. The rest of the properties can be calculated easily from the previous relations. The sizing of a typical airconditioning system involves numerous such calculations, which may eventually get on the nerves of even the most patient engineers. Therefore, there is clear motivation to computerize calculations or to do these calculations once and to present the data in the form of easily readable charts. Such charts are called psychrometric charts, and they are used extensively in air-conditioning applications.

Daikin’s Psychrometric chart is a tool in equipment selection for new systems and as a fault finding tool for existing systems.


  • Definitions and explanations of the operating characteristics of cooling coils.
  • Determination of the coil entering and leaving conditions and the air quantity required in order to meet the specific room conditions.
  • Checking the coil performance figures against the calculated loads.
  • Calculation of the re-heat capacities required for low sensible heat factor applications.
  • Calculating the heating and humidification requirements for air conditioning systems.
  • Determine the pre- and re-heat requirements for full outside air evaporative cooling systems.

and more…

  • Added possibility to open more exercises on PC.
  • Added actions to show discharge air conditions of a coil.
  • Added actions to show bypass conditions of a coil.
  • Added actions to show line of Sensible Heat Ratio in any point.
  • “Specific volume” label in the user interface now gets translated.
  • Sensible Heat Factor range enlarged.
  • Solved rounding error in airflow unit change.
  • Removed capacity limit on cooling action.
  • Added explanation in manual section 3.3.2 about “overlapping”  points.
  • Including possibility to download manual in other language. (French)
  • Added youtube url to quick start video in “about” section.
  • Added zoom function. Use mouse wheel to zoom in-out, use wheel to move up and down in diagram and use wheel+SHIFT to move left-right.
  • From this version onwards, the tool will automatically check if updates are available and inform you accordingly.
  • Psychrometric Chart App was published.
  • Mixed Air Example in British System of Units
  • Mixed Air Example in International System of Units
  • Unit Preferences
  • Diagram Preferences
  • One Click Report

Psychrometric Chart App works on all devices which has Microsoft Windows operating system.

   File Size: 1.2 MB     File Version: 3.3.5     File Extention: *.rar

Total Downloads: 138     Last Download: June 18, 2018


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  1. Ahmet Kemal Babacan 3 years ago

    I recommend Daikin’s Psychrometric Chart app to all hvac engineers, students and academical stuff. It’s quick and time saver.

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