Piles are structural members that are made of steel, concrete, and/or timber.They are used to build pile foundations, which are deep and which cost more than shallow foundations. Despite the cost, the use of piles often is necessary to ensure structural safety.

  • Changed calculation method for length of reinforcement steel.
  • Visual improvements for user interface.
  • Improvements for concrete details.
  • Improvements for load analysis.
  • Variable S the wall lenght was added for long walls with more than one pile.
  • Loads menu added.
  • Axially and Laterally Loaded Piles App was published.

Axially and Laterally Loaded Piles (FEM) App is written by using only Microsoft Excel functionality and it works on all devices.
VBA macros are not used.

  1. hussam 4 months ago

    great job, thank you…

  2. Obaidi Mahmood 5 months ago

    Dear Turan,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful spreadsheets. Please I have a comment below regarding soil stiffness,
    for Kh you use 0.65/B ….. (i.e. Vesic 1961 approach), but that is for Ks (or Kv) for Kh he used double (i.e. 1.3/B …), so per Vesic & also Bowles Kh is as twice as Kv, while in your calculation spread sheet you consider Kv = 2 Kh. Is there an explanation.

  3. Dovsky D 5 months ago

    Hi Mr. Babacan,

    Congratulations, you did a great job, thank you for sharing!
    I have a question:
    Does the longitudinal reinforcement supports the stress Moment in the pile or just geometric requirements?

    Thank you.

  4. Gurdeepak Singh 1 year ago

    Axially and Laterally Loaded Piles (FEM) App can be downloaded on PC.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Gurdeepak Singh 1 year ago

    Axially and Laterally Loaded Piles (FEM) App can not be downloaded. File does not exist or badly linked

  6. Author
    Turan Babacan 1 year ago

    Birimi kN/m2 olduğundan kafanız karışmış olabilr.
    (17 MPa =17.000 kN/m2)

  7. Ahmet Şenol 2 years ago

    Merhabalar Turan bey;
    Hazırladığınız programlar gerçekten çok özenle ve emekle hazırlanmış. Emeğinize sağlık.
    Bu programda dikkatimi çeken bir şey var sormak istediğim. Beton sınıfını belirlediğinizde bu sınıfa ait karakteristik dayanın (Fck) lar standartlarda olanlardan farklı programınızda. Acaba yanılıyormuyum beni aydınlatabilirseniz çok sevinirim.

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